All integrations directly with SPI have specific error codes that will be persisted on the stage of each document:

TR0001Insufficient balance to execute the payment
TR0002Bank account is in analisys, please wait for the approval
TR0003Bank account not found
TR0004Pix key not found
TR0005Brcode not found
TR0006Payment document with invalid reference
TR0007Counterparty not found
TR0008Counterparty bank account not found
TR0009Transaction and/or amount limit exceeded
TR0010Transaction canceled by the payment institution
SPI0001An error occurred while processing the PIX transaction
SPI0002Transaction settlement interrupted due to SPI timeout
SPI0003Transaction interrupted due to error in recipient user's participant
SPI0004Pix transaction sender timeout
SPI0005Invalid/inexistent branch and/or account number of recipient user
SPI0006Recipient's account blocked
SPI0007Recipient user account is closed
SPI0008Incorrect type for the receiving user's transaction account
SPI0009The transaction type is not supported/authorized in the recipient user's account
SPI0010Transaction with this processing type is not allowed
SPI0011No refund of an instant payment
SPI0012The direct participant is not settling the paying user
SPI0013Pix transaction with zero value is not allowed
SPI0014Payment/return order exceeds the limit allowed for the account type
SPI0015Insufficient balance in PI account of paying user
SPI0016Return exceeds original Pix transaction amount
SPI0017Divergence between the sum of the block values
SPI0018Invalid transaction quantity
SPI0019CPF/CNPJ of the recipient does not diverge from the data of the account holder
SPI0020Unauthorized Pix transaction initiator
SPI0021QR Code rejected by the receiving user's participant
SPI0022CPF/CNPJ of the incorrect recipient user
SPI0023Incorrect or incompatible message content
SPI0024Transaction rejected by the receiving user's participant
SPI0025Participant who signed the message is not authorized
SPI0026Transaction rejected due to timeout between messages
SPI0027The participant is not registered or has not yet started operating in SPI
SPI0028Date and time of sending the invalid message
SPI0029The transaction exceeds the maximum time limit for returning a Pix transaction
SPI0030Inconsistency between the transaction purpose and the message
SPI0031Poorly formatted operation identifier
SPI0032ISPB of the facilitating participant of the non-existing Pix Withdrawal or Pix Change service
SPI0033Invalid or non-existent ISPB of the paying participant
SPI0034Transaction rejected as paying user is sanctioned
SPI0035The original transaction is not related to Pix Withdrawal or Pix Change
SPI0036A conta transacional especificada encontra-se bloqueada
SPI0037Número da conta transacional encerrada no PSP do Recebedor
SPI0038Operação rejeitada porque foi detectada uma possível fraude
SPI0039Conta de origem igual conta de destino