Basic concepts

Before we get into our tutorials on how to use our API to move money, it's important that you learn some core concepts and aspects of our API and how your business fit on our solution.


The company object represents a top level structure from your business and cam be composed by one or more legal entities. As a company you be able to add multiple users, monitoring API logs and so on.


The entity object represents a legal entity from your company, whether you're a Brazilian company or International company using Trio as your merchant of records. Each entity can hold one or more bank accounts.

Bank account

The bank account is a valid account that holds and moves money. Throughout our bank accounts, it is possible to look at balances, transactions and movement in real time. To move money inside a bank account, you always will need a virtual account.

Virtual account

A virtual account is a layer above the standard bank account. It can receive incoming payments in place of a bank account, and divide up the balance of the linked bank account. A virtual account reports its own balance and transactions.


Documents can also be interpreted as transactions inside Trio. It can be a payment or collecting document. Every time that there is money movement in your account will have a document linked.