How to choose between PayOut V1 and V2?

Cases for when to use Pix V1 (and/or)

  • When having less than 50 transactions a minute.
  • When paying only directly to bank accounts, without a pix key.
  • When you want to have to handle yourself fraud protection from paying to an undesired tax number, and you do not want to use Trio's quick handling of an undesired payment through internal algorithms (we strongly incentivize you do!).

Cases for when to use Pix V2 (and/or)

  • When paying a Pix Key or a BRCode.
  • When you do not want to have to handle fraud protection yourself, and you would like to use our trustful validation system for handling undesired tax number transactions.
  • When making more than 50 transactions a minute:
    • We make use of advanced internal algorithms to control the tax number that money is being sent to, and control of the CashOut process is easier and most times faster whilst holding the same quality and certainty in security :)
  • When you desire to start out right away!